About us


Visualpower Kft. is the founder and organizer of Paint Up! Building Projection Mapping Competiton.

The market leader in visual technology services in Hungary, with equipment worth several million Euros (including LED screens, LED frame systems, super bright projectors, unique control systems, etc.), the first company in this field to receive the Business Superbrands award.

The idea of the competition and the event is something that Visualpower Kft. came up with, and the company uses its own resources to organize the competition. Our objective is to create an opportunity to people to try their hand at this costly genre by providing high-brightness projectors to make it possible for them to display contemporary visual content in front of an audience, and to create a symbolic bridge between the application of third millennium technologies and high art.

The aesthetic of Visualpower is high-quality, spectacular service.

Building projection mapping (a.k.a. video mapping) is the epitome of this. The spectacle, the uniqueness, the extraordinariness, which cannot be done any other way, only to the highest standards. We will do our best to organize the third edition of this competition in a way that will please the audience.

László Zsolt Bordos/Bordos.ArtWorks ( an internationally acclaimed architectural videoprojcetion artist and his colleague: Ivó Kovács ( will help us with their expertise in the implementation.

The finals are to be the opening event of the Café Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival (i.e. the Budapest Autumn Festival), organized in cooperation with the Budapesti Fesztiválközpont Nonprofit Kft. and Műcsarnok.
It is our great honour to cooperate with such prestigious organizations in the organization of the event.



Visualpower Kft. - The market leader in visual technology services in Hungary

Founder: László Riegler / managing director, Visualpower Kft.

Main organizer: Tünde Vaskó / marketing and communications director, Visualpower Kft.

Technical manager: Péter Perjési / account manager, Visualpower Kft.

Professional partner: László Zsolt Bordos / videomapping artist, Bordos.ArtWorks

Assistant: Nikoletta ‘Niki’ Lengyel / Visualpower Kft.


Cooperating partners

Budapesti Fesztiválközpont Nonprofit Kft.