Below you can find some information and trivia about the 2010 competition

2010 - The first Paint Up!

Paint Up! Building Projection Mapping Competition by Visualpower

The first ever video mapping competition in the world



Budapest, Buda Palace, Hunyadi yard, Hungarian National Gallery, Building B


Projection surface

Façade facing Hunyadi yard of building B of the Hungarian National Gallery


Call for Entries

Make a 3-minute video mapping project (animation, video, montage, etc.) to the theme of your choice to be projected on the façade facing Hunyadi yard of building B of the Hungarian National Gallery harmonizing with the architecture, and accompanied by music.



  • Template - To scale, with the accurate dimensions of the building on which the video will be projected
  • Photograph – To show what the building would look like at the time of the competition, reflecting the light conditions at night, with test screening
  • Supplementary photograph – Showing the surrounding environment and architecture of the building taken in daylight, with the surface for projection highlighted.



  • Competition announced: April 9, 2010
  • Deadline for entries: May 21, 2010
  • Shortlisting of entries: May 26, 2010
  • Shortlist announced: June 1, 2010
  • Press conference with test projection: June 2, 2010
  • Finals: June 19, 2010, as part of the Night of Museums program by the Hungarian National Gallery


Technical specifications for entries


  • 1024x768

Frame rate

  • 25 FPS

File format

  • MPEG 2
  • Quick Time (codec: Motion JPEG A or Motion JPEG B or Photo JPEG)


Awards, winners

The creators of the best 3 entries selected by the jury were awarded valuable prizes by the organizer:

1st place:

Christie LX400 LCD projector (featuring XGA resolution and 4000 ANSI Lumens)
Retail price: HUF 600 000 (EUR 2000)
Sponsored by Christie Digital Hungary
Demeter Lóránt – Budapest

2nd place:

EDIROL P-10 Visual Sampler
Retail price: HUF 300 000 (EUR 1000)
Sponsored by Roland East Europe Kft.
Iván Tamás – Budapest

3rd place:

EDIROL P-1 Photo Presenter
Retail price: HUF 200,000 (EUR 665)
Sponsored by Roland East Europe Kft.
Closed Hours
GOWING BULBS / Tamás Zádor, Balázs Bradák, Farkas Fülöp, Gábor Kitzinger, Márton Noll, Balázs Sarkadi Nagy – Budapest

In addition to the above the first three finishers were awarded a gold, silver and bronze “paint brush” respectively.


Additional prizes

Sziget special award

Five artists were selected by the organizers of Sziget Festival to perform at Sziget 2010, where they had the opportunity to project onto the surface of European Tree at the European Meeting Point; each night a different artist would get the opportunity.

Gabriella Korán – Budapest (Tatabánya)

Portuguese night
Kati Bessenyei – Budapest

Ádám Besenyői – Budapest

100% PAPRIKA / Varga Szabolcs (vargasz), Tamás Herczeg (bios) – Miskolc (Budapest)

Turtle love song
István Ocztos, Éva Taskovics – Budapest


Audience award

The artist whose entry received the most votes by the audience was awarded the following prize:
Nokia X6 16 Gb mobile phone
Retail price: HUF 90 000 (HUF 300)
Sponsored by T-Mobile
Past is prologue
ILLUVISION / Gáspár Battha, Máté Pálla - Budapest (Vienna)


Other finalists

Shape reflection
Zoltán Varga - London (Nyíregyháza)

László Fazekas – Kecskemét

URBANIZER VISUALS / Zsigmond Bernáthy, Tamás Bereznai, Márton Dániel Gábor, Éva Magyarosi, Dezső Gyarmati, Máté Nagy – Budapest


+8 category

Paint Up!
Zoltán Ferenczi (Z O L A) – Budapest

Something Heavens
Gergely Szabó – Budapest (Peremarton)

Storyteller walls
WÖRK STÚDIÓ / Tamás Czeglédi, Melinda Tóth – Eger

Paint Up!
Tamás Blaha – Budapest

Ink machine
LUMA BEAMERZ / Tamás Nagy, Gábor Füle – Tápiószele

From human to human
Andrea Soós - Budapest

Dániel Besnyő – Budapest, Budakeszi

VJC patchwork
VJ CENTRUM / Gábor Karcis, Dániel Besnyő, Mátyás Kálmán, Zsuzsó Koszti, Tamás Nagy – Budapest


Additional information

The artists whose works were selected for the finals were awarded a certificate and a T-shirt with the logo of the competition.

All prizes are tax exempt.



We invited acknowledged experts of visual culture in Hungary to be on the jury:

László Zsolt Bordos – videomapping artist, Bordos.ArtWorks
Csaba Káel – film director
Dr. Zsolt Petrányi - art historian, director of Műcsarnok
Fruzsina Szép - program director, Sziget
János Szirtes – fine artist, head of the visual communications department at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest


Summary of the entries

About the entrants

Number of valid entries: 32 (with nearly 60 people involved)
Types of entries: of the 32 entries made 23 were by individuals and 9 were by teams (the biggest team had 6 members)
Entrants by sex: 20% female, 80% male
By age: 18-57
By residence: 70% from Budapest, 30% from the country (1 from London)

About the judging criteria in 2010

  • To what extent does the entry satisfy the criteria set out in the call for entries?
  • To what extent has the entrant considered the architecture?
  • How imaginative is the entry?
  • Does the visual concept have a story?
  • How much is it aligned with the accompanying music?
  • How rich and original is the visual content?


Finals schedule

Date and time

10 p.m. to 2 a.m., June 19, 2010, as part of the Night of Museums program by the Hungarian National Gallery.


Event host: Áron Kovács

  • 22.00 – Opening of the event
  • 22.10 – Screening of the 12 shortlisted entries, introduction of competitors before the screening of the video
  • 23.00 – While the jury makes its decision Ferenc ‘Caramel’ Molnár takes to the stage and a film made especially for this occasion by László Zsolt Bordos, Ivó Kovács and Viktor Vicsek is screened.
  • 23.40 – Announcement of winners, winners receive awards
  • 24.00 – The entries that have been selected for the finals as well as the Bordos-Kovács-Vicsek film and 8 additional entries are projected.
  • 02.00 – Closing of the event

Spectators can watch the event on a screen on Dísz square near Hunyadi yard.

The competition and associated events are broadcast live on TV2 online until midnight, and on until 2 o’clock in the morning.


Interesting facts

The venue

The venue has some special characteristics from a video mapping aspect, as Jr. György Vastagh’s Wrangler statue is situated in the middle of Hunyadi yard in front of building B of the Hungarian National Gallery, posing a challenge that we need to overcome. Which means that the projection is to be done in a special way.

Dimensions of the projected image

Competition display surface for projection: nearly 600 m2 (31 m wide, 18 m high)
Total projection surface (panoramic image): nearly 1000 m2 (55 m wide, 18 m high)

Projection and support equipment

The above gigantic surface area is projected on using a total of 72 000 ANSI Lumens, with one 20 thousand ANSI Lumens (the only one of its kind in Hungary) and one 16 thousand ANSI Lumens projector on each side.

The statue located in the middle of the square is ‘overcome’ by a Vista Spyder video processor, which puts together the panoramic image from the two halves projected from the projectors located at the two sides. This ‘magic machine’, the one and only found in Central Europe, will create a spectacle at the event that is comparable to ‘Academy Awards’ type window system spectacle, in which they will be able to see pictures of cameras, films and information windows simultaneously.
The images on the two so-called information screens bordering the competition surface will be displayed using Hippotizer HD V3 media server.
The ‘tailoring to the building’, i.e. the long process through which the films are made to suit the building was made a lot shorter by a special software developed by Viktor Vicsek.


The two wings of the U-shaped building is lit using ambient lighting, which keeps changing colours.


About us

László Zsolt Bordos an internationally acclaimed architectural videoprojcetion artist and his colleague: Ivó Kovács and Viktor Vicsek help us with their expertise in the implementation.



Visualpower Kft. - The market leader in visual technology services in Hungary
Founder: László Riegler (managing director, Visualpower Kft.)
Main organizer: Tünde Vaskó (marketing and communications director, Visualpower Kft.)
Cooperating partner: Ágnes Hajnal (communications director, Hungarian National Gallery)
Assistant: Ildikó Bolyós (Visualpower Kft.)
Technical expert: Viktor Vicsek


To take home with you from the competition – statements, cheers by the organizers!

  • We barely dare to say this, but this was the first building projection mapping (videomapping) competition in the world.
  • Wow! Well, that’s something! We had a dream, we made it come true, and we are still overwhelmed by it!
  • Superb entries, great jury, excellent partners, wonderful audience! What else can you wish for?
  • Well, this is the ‘art’ in our profession!
  • This was the most popular program of the Night of Museums, attracting the most spectators.
  • We survived! It did not rain on the day of the finals! Even though it rained for day before and after it.
  • A lot of people found it hard to believe that the event was free of charge. But it was! And any future ones will be too!
  • On popular demand we organized a ‘Paint Up! Repeat’ in autumn 2010. Four thousand people attended the event.