Below you can find some information and trivia about the 2011 competition

2011 – The second Paint Up!

Paint Up! Building Projection Mapping Competition by Visualpower

The first ever video mapping competition in the world



H-1051 Budapest, 9 Széchenyi square (formerly known as Roosevelt square), Hungarian Academy of Sciences Main Building


Projection surface

The façade of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences facing Széchenyi square (formerly known as Roosevelt square)


Call for Entries

Make a 3-minute video mapping project (animation, video, montage, etc.) to the theme of your choice to be projected on the façade of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences facing Széchenyi square harmonizing with the architecture, and accompanied by music.



  • Template – To scale, with the accurate dimensions of the building on which the video will be projected
  • Supplementary photograph – Showing the surrounding environment and architecture of the building taken in daylight, with the surface for projection highlighted.



  • Competition announced: April 28, 2011
  • Deadline for entries: June 9, 2011
  • Final (extended) deadline for entries: June 14, 2011
  • Shortlisting of entries: June 20, 2011
  • Shortlist announced: June 20, 2011
  • 'Duna party' main press conference: May 25, 2011
  • Finals: June 26, 2011

    The finals were organized as a program connected to “Duna Party” (i.e. the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union – official closing event) in co-operation with Hungarofest Events Management Services Nonprofit Kft.


Technical specifications for entries


  • 1120x1050

Frame rate

  • 25 FPS

File format

  • Quick Time (codec: Photo JPEG, quality: 95%)


Awards, winners

The creators of the best 3 entries selected by the jury were awarded valuable prizes by the organizer:

1st place:

Christie LW400 3LCD WXGA projector (WXGA resolution, 4000 ANSI lumen brightness)
Retail price: HUF 650 000 (EUR 2160)
Sponsored by Christie Digital Hungary
One night
ZOLI ÉS ANDRÁS / András Miklós Balogh (adrásmiklós), Zoltán Kovács (ze’) – Budapest

2nd place:

Sony VAIO VPC-F13Z1E/B laptop (16.4 col, Core i7, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Blu-Ray writer, Windows 7 Home Prem. 64-bit, nVidia GeForce GT 425M video driver)
Retail price: HUF 450 000 (EUR 1500)
Sponsored by Visualpower Kft.
Nature of science
Ádám Besenyői – Budapest

3rd place:

ROLAND V-4 (four-channel) video mixer
Retail price: HUF 328 000 (EUR 1090)
Sponsored by Roland East Europe Kft
László Czigány (Laci) – Budapest

In addition to the above the first three finishers were awarded a gold, silver and bronze “paint brush” respectively.


Audience award

The artist whose entry received the most votes by the audience was awarded the following prize:
DELL NB Inspiron N5110 laptop (15.6", 1366x768, Intel Core i7-2630QM 2.0GHz, 8GB, 500GB, DVD-RW, nV GF GT525M, DOS, 6cell, black)
Retail price: HUF 220 000 (EUR 730)
Sponsored by
Benedek Pozsgay – Budapest


Special prizes

1/ Prize courtesy of Bordos.ArtWorks

Prize by László Zsolt Bordos (videomapping artist, competition expert, member of the jury).
The entrant whose work had been selected by the artist was offered the opportunity to work with László Zsolt Bordos in a Bordos.ArtWorks project.

One night
ZOLI ÉS ANDRÁS / András Miklós Balogh (adrásmiklós), Zoltán Kovács (ze’) – Budapest

2/ Prize courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts

Dr. László Baán, the director of the Museum of Fine arts offered a HUF 200 000 special award for the entry selected from the works projected at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences building by the jury.

Prophet is a Fool
Lajos Hollósi – Budapest


Other finalists

The untitled
EPER-CREATIVE / Zoltán Varga, Csaba Szabó – Nyíregyháza, Budapest

ATM Poor Architecture
András Kapitány (kapi8) – Budapest

István Balogh (Konceptofon) – Sárospatak

Tranquillity Simulator
András Piroska – Budapest

The science, the progress
FIRKAFILM STUDIO / László Fazekas, Ildikó Táborita, Péter Háry – Kecskemét

Simple present
István Lengyel – Budapest

Iván Tamás – Budapest

PIXELPUNX / Ákos Nándor Kiss, Levente Attila Sáfáry (Mikro), Zoltán Viktor Végh (Visor), Lehel Bakó, Dániel Hodvogner, Edina Virág Marácz, Marcell Andristyák– Budapest


+5 category

Az őselemek
Tamás Podlovics (tomi67) – Tahitótfalu

A.k.a demix
DEAD PIXELS / Balázs Horváth, Szabolcs Vágó, Csongor Pogony– Budapest

Gergely Szabó (spade) – Budapest

Prophet is a Fool
Lajos Hollósi – Budapest

Intellect vs Emotion
Renáta Dezső (rendez) – Budapest


Additional information

The artists whose works were selected for the finals were awarded a certificate and a T-shirt with the logo of the competition.

All prizes are tax exempt.



We invited acknowledged experts of visual culture in Hungary to be on the jury:

Dr. László Baán – director, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Monika Balatoni - creative director, Hungarofest Nonprofit Kft.; stage director
László Zsolt Bordos – videomapping artist, Bordos.ArtWorks
Csaba Káel - director, Palace of Arts; film director
Dr. Géza M. Tóth - animations director, professor at the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest


Summary of the entries

About the entrants

Number of valid entries: 40 (with nearly 62 people involved)
Types of entries: of the 40 entries made 29 were by individuals and 11 were by teams (the biggest team had 7 members)
Entrants by sex: 25% female, 75% male
By age: 17-58
By residence: 77% from Budapest, 23% from the country

About the judging criteria in 2011

  • To what extent does the entry satisfy the criteria set out in the call for entries?
  • To what extent has the entrant considered the architecture?
  • How imaginative is the entry?
  • Does the visual concept have a story?
  • How much is it aligned with the accompanying music?
  • How rich and original is the visual content?


Finals schedule

Date and time

21.30 p.m. to midnight, June 26, 2010

The finals were organized as a program connected to “Duna Party” (i.e. the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union – official closing event) in co-operation with Hungarofest Events Management Services Nonprofit Kft.


Event host: Gergő Váczi (TV2)

  • 21.40 – Warm up (the +5 works ranked right after the best 12 are projected outside the competition)
  • 22.00 – Opening of the event
  • 22.05 – Screening of the 12 shortlisted entries, introduction of competitors before the screening of the video
  • 23.00 – High spots of the evening!
  • Sample film by László Zsolt Bordos and guest artists Ivó Kovács, Dániel Szalkó and Demeter Lóránt (the latter being the winner of Paint Up! 2010) made especially for the event.
  • 23.10 – The jury retires to consider its verdict, meanwhile the entries in the finals are screened again.
  • 23.45 – The Bordos-Kovács-Szalkó-Demeter film is screened again
  • 23.55 – Announcement of winners, winners receive awards
  • 24.00 – Closing of the event, photo shoot

The competition broadcast live on


Interesting facts

The building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the square

The building is located at 9 Széchenyi square (formerly known as Roosevelt square) in District V. of Budapest.
There was nationwide fund raising in 1860 to erect a building for the academy. Tenders were invited in 1861 for the construction of the building. The winning neo-Renaissance design was submitted by Friedrich August Stüler. Construction led by Miklós Ybl and Antal Szkalnitzky started in the spring of 1862. The building was inaugurated on 11 December, 1865.
The statues on the façade were made by Emil Wolff, while the cast bronze relief was made by Barnabás Holló.
The square in front of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences building was renamed on May 13, 2011 and it has borne the name of István Széchenyi since that date, replacing the former US president Roosevelt. (The square has had five-six different names, once bearing the name Franz Joseph.)
István Széchenyi – ‘the greatest Hungarian’ – is connected to this place in a thousand ways. For example, in 1825 the count offered the annual income of his estates from which to set up the academy of sciences.
And Chain Bridge, the first bridge permanent bridge of Budapest, is anchored here on the Pest side, while a statue of István Széchenyi is also located at one end of the square.

Dimensions of the projected image

Competition display surface for projection: nearly 1000 m2 (30 m wide, 32 m high)
The total projected surface for which the Bordos-Kovács-Szalkó-Demeter sample film was made: nearly 2000 m2, threefold panoramic image (65 m wide, 30 m high)

Projection technology

The nearly 2000 m2 projection surface consists of three separate units that will form one single gigantic image, which we refer to as ‘threefold panoramic image’.
Of course spectators will not notice that the ’image is actually made up of three images’ except for the three conspicuous platforms from where 8 state-of-the-art, super bright projectors (2x20 thousand, 2x16 thousand and 4x15 thousand ANSI Lumens) having a total brightness of nearly 130 thousand ANSI Lumens will be projecting.
The high quality of projection is crucial not only because of the gigantic size of the projection surface, but because of the nature of the entries as well, because we want spectators to see images that show contrast, are realistic, saturated and dynamic. To achieve this Visualpower uses mainly DLP (Digitally Light Processing) technology and HD projectors. This is required mainly for the projection of the film by Bordos-Kovács-Szalkó-Demeter group of artists.


About us

László Zsolt Bordos an internationally acclaimed architectural videoprojcetion artist and his colleague: Ivó Kovács help us with their expertise in the implementation.



Visualpower Kft. - The market leader in visual technology services in Hungary
Founder: László Riegler / managing director, Visualpower Kft.
Main organizer: Tünde Vaskó / marketing and communications director, Visualpower Kft.
Technical manager: Péter Perjési / account manager, Visualpower Kft.
Professional partner: László Zsolt Bordos / videomapping artist, Bordos.ArtWorks
Assistant: Nikoletta ’Niki’ Lengyel / Visualpower Kft.

Cooperating partner: Hungarofest Events Management Services Nonprofit Kft.


To take home with you from the competition – statements, cheers by the organizers!

  • Wow! We did it again! With thousands attending the event like the year before!
  • What an honour! It was our program that closed the 6-month Hungarian EU presidency.
  • It was a special honour for us to project onto the beautiful Hungarian Academy of Sciences building.
  • It was funny that the square was renamed from Roosevelt to Széchenyi after the competition had been announced.
  • While investigating the location we were thinking about various ‘guerrilla actions’ to get rid of the trees blocking the view. Of course our environmentally friendly self took over.
  • The entrants, our partners, the jury as well as our colleagues did remarkably well. It was great fun to be and work together!
  • The spectators were marvellous too! Despite the fact that temperatures dropped to around 15°C in mid-summer (!) and our breaths could be seen they stuck with us and watched the films all the way through.
  • The event was free of charge. And we will do our best to keep it that way in the future too.