Frequently Asked Questions


General questions

1/ How much does the ticket to the finals cost?

Admission to the event is free! We look forward to seeing you at the event!

2/ What time should I get there to get a place?

The finals start at 7 p.m. From last year’s experience we think it is best to arrive around 6 p.m.

3/ Are there going to be seats at the venue?

No. The spectators will watch the show standing up. If you tend to get tired easily, we suggest you bring a portable folding chair.

4/ What is video mapping (building projection mapping)?

Video mapping is not to be confused with light painting, but it is a 2D or 3D MOVING PICTURE ANIMATION that is projected onto the building with super bright projectors.
In video mapping films do not simply colour the building but 'virtually move it' as well, as the animations are created to fit the architectural features. For example, it may seem as if the façade were collapsing, a window were opening, etc; and now this can all happen on a surface that is around a whopping 1000 m2.
It is almost impossible to describe in words. You must see it to believe it!

This art form is also called architectural projection, architectural mapping or building mapping as well. It is a little-known art form in Hungary due to the fact that it is quite costly and also because it is not easy to obtain the necessary permits. So, it is a unique opportunity not to be missed.

5/ If I cannot attend the finals, when will the event be repeated?

This event is unique and unrepeatable. This year’s event will open the Café Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival (aka the Budapest Autumn Festival).
Unfortunately, there will not be a repeat.

However, if you cannot attend the event, you can still watch it broadcast live here on this website.
The award winning films will be uploaded to the website and to YouTube.

6/ Has the deadline for entries really been extended?

Yes, indeed. Due to the great interest in the competition we extended the deadline for entries by 7 days.
The new deadline is: Twelve o’clock (noon), Monday September 24, 2012.


Technical questions

1/ What colour are the windows of the building going to be?

The light coloured blinds will be lowered from inside.

2/ Is the building going to be lit?

No. All light sources will be turned off.

3/ Does the music have to be composed by the entrants?

No, this is an animation competition. However, the entrants should provide the accompanying music.

4/ Is obtaining permission to use copyrighted music as soundtrack the organizers' responsibility?

No, it is the entrants’ responsibility. If you intend to enter the competition and send an e-mail to, we can give you advice on how to get the permission.

5/ My animation is not exactly 3 minutes in length, do you still accept it?

Yes, provided that it is no more than 30 seconds shorter or longer than 3 minutes. Entries that are between 2 minutes and 30 seconds and 3 minutes and 30 seconds will be accepted.

6/ If in the ‘Call for Entries’ I read that the entry should not contain any texts, except for the inscription on the façade of the building, does that mean that I can use the words “Műcsarnok” and “A MAGYAR KÉPZŐMŰVÉSZETNEK MDCCCXCVI”?

If you use it when drawing the façade and it appears as part of the architecture, you can of course use it in your video!
However, not even this text, or any other text for that matter, can be used in any other way!

7/ In the ‘Call for Entries’ I read that no text can appear in the material, but I put my name and the title of the work in it, so that people can identify it. Is it OK?

No, we cannot accept your animation with your name and the title of the work in it.
The call for entries very specifically states the following: ‘It is strictly forbidden to embed any real or fictitious advertisements in the work either overtly or in a covert way, i.e. it is forbidden to feature any product, brand, name, logo or recognizable image, or text, etc. (with the exception of the inscription on the façade of the building), and/or any mark or symbol suggesting whose work it is! Entries that do not meet these requirements will be rejected automatically.’

This was set out in the call for entries so that the jury can pass an unbiased judgement. Your personal data is automatically attached to your entry when it is registered. The members of the jury can only see your registration number and the title of your work when they look at your entry. They are only told the artist's name once they have already ranked the entries.
At the finals spectators will see the artist’s name and the title of the work as this information will be projected by us while the animation is on.

8/ What do you mean by the façade of Műcsarnok facing Heroes’ Square, does the animation have to be made for the central part with the columns or can I also include the two wings flanking it?

Unlike in previous years the animation is to be made for the whole surface, i.e. the façade consisting of three parts, which of course includes the two wings as well. It might be confusing for beginners that the ‘Template’ is divided up into three parts of the building; the reason for this has to do with projection technology, which we do not want to explain in greater detail here.

In the call for entries the following specifications leave no room for doubt as to how the entries are to be prepared:
1/ the 1920x700 pixel resolution under technical specifications
2/ the ‘Supplementary photograph’, which shows the surface set off by a white contour line
3/ the following sentence in the ‘Technical specifications for entries’ paragraph: ‘The “Template” consisting of three parts of the building should be interpreted and treated as ONE PROJECTION SURFACE.’